Poo~Pourri Natural Air Freshener Spray Deodorizer

"Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know!"

Poo~Pourri is a bathroom natural air freshener and spray deodorizer that eliminate bathroom odors - it is forever changing the bathroom experience. Just picture this...Last night's buffet was the best you ever had, but today at the office, all that eating is catching up to you. As you walk out from your second visit to the restroom, you nearly collide with the handsome lad from two offices down. You both pause, staring at each other. Just then, the door shuts behind you. A rush of bathroom air fans past. "Mmmm, citrusy," he says and walks away. You pat your purse and smile -- Poo ~ Pourri bathroom natural air freshener spray deodorizer, it keeps your dirty little secret. 


Poo~Pourri Original 4oz Bottle - Stop embarrassing odor with our Patent Pending bathroom freshener. Our Natural Essential Oils create a film on the surface of the water, trapping odor at it's source. A Citrus Fresh blend of Lemongrass, Bergamot, Grapefruit and other natural essential oils that leave the bathroom smelling clean and fresh! This size makes a great "show item" for your bathroom. It's ECONOMICAL - with up to 200 uses. Only $14.95 plus shipping

Poo~Pourri 4oz. Original Spray Bottle $14.95



Poo~Pourri Original 5ml sample tester - With 10+ spritzs, we find that this little size is perfect for a purse, a pocket when you are on the go! For those not sure if this unique product works for your needs, try this sample tester for only $5.00 plus shipping.

 Poo~Pourri 5ml Sample Vial $5.00